Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Peter Broggs & Dub Creator - Igzabihier Yakal

Carrying on from my Music Beyond Borders show, I wanted to drop a post to highlight a recent album by Peter Broggs and Dub Creator.

For those who are not familiar, Peter Broggs is one of many reggae journey men who have been quietly blessing the world with their beautiful music despite very little in the way of monetary gain. Broggs has been recording since the late 1970s.

I was first exposed to him way back in the mid-1980s when I came across his 1982 album "Rastafari Liveth." It was a revelation to my young ears. More recently, music lovers have been able to hear the reissue of his debut album, 1979's "Progressive Youth." A cracking Roots Radics backed set with Scientist at the mixing boards.

Peter has been championed by the UK digital roots movement as well. In the early 2000s he recorded with the UK's Steve "Jah Warrior" Mosco. Out of this creative firmament came the brilliant vocal album "Jah Golden Throne."

A dub set, "Jah Golden Throne Dubwise," followed on the now defunct BSI records out of Portland, Oregon, USA.

Unfortunately, hard times have befallen Peter as he had a stroke some time ago. All of the revenue from his latest set backed by Amsterdam's Dub Creator and released on the King Shiloh Imprint will go to pay for his medical bills in Jamaica.

I would encourage all lovers of strong digital roots stepping time dubwise to check for this album. At the time of writing EBreggae and ReggaeMusicStore have it in stock.

Andy G

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