Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stateless - 1/28/06 - Audio Snippets!

As promised, here are some audio snippets +/- playlist info for the last Stateless Event:

(1) Special Agent K (Roots and Wires Hi-Fi) - opening set

link to streaming audio


Kazufumi 'Echo' Kodama - Cloud Rack
Karukaya Makato - Family Plan (HAV remix)
Unknown - from Roots and Culture We a Deal Wid
Bitty Mclean - Tell Me
Iration Steppas - No War Dub
Kenny Knots - Run Come Call Me
Selah Collins - Pick a Sound
Manasseh - Bonafide
Kazufumi 'Echo' Kodama - Light and Wind
with Jawaharlal Nehru - Speech
The Mighty Three's - Sinking in the Mist
Kode 9 - Dislokated
with Winston Rodney - Jah no Dead
DJ Abstract - Boozey
with Jawaharlal Nehru - Speech
Freestylers - Bad Boy Love
Horsepower Productions - Special 131

(2) DJ Tomas Palermo (XLR8R, Voltage)

link to streaming audio

playlist unavailable

(3) Lemonade - Live Act

link to streaming audio

recorded off the board - unforunately the drums and bass weren't mic'ed, so the mix is off

(4) DJ D Wurkur (Six Degrees)

link to streaming audio

the minidisc recorder turned off after 30 minutes, so this and my closing set (south asian and ragga drum and bass) are recorded only as memories...

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