Monday, October 02, 2006

The Stateless Pounding System - 9/30/2006

The Sun was just dipping under the tree line of Golden Gate Park. 6:00 PM, Saturday 30 September 2006. Darkness would soon descend over San Francisco City and yet another chapter of “Stateless” would unfold deep in the Mission at Club Amnesia. As I walked down the way premonitions of sounds filtered through my sonic mind’s eye…Blink forward…Sound check…1, 2, 1, 2…Just right? Maybe not, but no reason to fuss and fight. Just sip a whiskey and let the stress digress and the night progress…

And progress it did. This particular evening of sonics went down in serious fashion. Marking his first appearance at “Stateless” was DJ Vanka. The Belgian born Vanka dropped some serious Afro-Beat-Brazil-Poly-Rhythmic-future funk that reached a boiling point by the end of his two hour set. Having never reached his legendary “Misturada” sessions at Club Six, his aura preceded him in my eyes. I, along with the bubbling Amnesia masses, no doubt were fully engaged by Vanka’s set. Big. If you ever see that he is playing in your neighborhood, check him out! You won’t be disappointed.

By the time Vanka was done, the warm glow of Amnesia was burning just right. Next up was the “Stateless” foundation, the man that holds it all down, the Worker. The big beat pieces of plastic selected by the Worker bounced from rough ragga-tinged breakbeats to full force techno. The Worker rode the energy Vanka laid out early on and pushed it up a notch even so.

In keeping with the “Stateless” mission, the night switched it up to a live vibe. The Wailing Junktet, a Brazilian influenced drum ensemble pounded some serious poly-rhythms that landed somewhere between São Paulo, San Francisco, and a stateless commune run by Orishas from outer space. Echoes of DJ Vanka’s set took on a live presence through this very talented ensemble. Kinetic and propulsive to the core.

Check an audio clip here:


Closing out the night was Roots and Wire Hi-Fi. Our set ran the gamut from vintage dubwise evergreens from the Tubby’s, Bullwackies, and Yabby You stables on through uptempo ragga jungle tunes and two blazing Roots and Wires exclusive dubplates with production by Special Agent K.

You can check our set here:


A big thanks goes out to Amnesia and especially Ben who did double duty as sound man and bartender. No easy task given that the club was corked with dancing bodies working up a healthy thirst.

So hold tight until the next “Stateless” storm comes your way. If you missed this time, make sure you reach next time.


Andy G

Roots and Wires Hi-Fi

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Cre said...

Thanks for the amazing dub set. I'm feeling the heavy special effects...